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Web Browsers Comparison

There are dozens of web browsing applications active in the browsing world. Well if you are thinking Google is the browser. No sire. Google is a search engine. While browsers are applications through which you are able to see results or surf the web. Of these Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, Uc Browser are some of the best browsers, Some are fast, some are better organized and some have better security features. But there is one that I find most compatible and comfortable to operate. It is also, one of the most preferred browsers as well. I am talking about Google Chrome. I will let you know why I opted for this one. But first, I want to give you an idea about a few other browsers in the market that I have used.


Internet Explorer is the fastest browser

Well at first, I used Internet Explorer,  because that was The pioneer in the world of browsers. For over three decades IE ruled because of its simple interface that is both intuitive and functional. Using it gave lightning fast results. And I found that my search history is easy to manage as there are shortcuts and tabs to aid. In Beta version, people faced troubles like IE would not decode HTML pages properly, but since it has launched in full version, it’s working excellently.


Web Browsers


Mozilla is the reliable and efficient browser

Mozilla Firefox- designed by Mozilla is the 2nd fast browser. It claims to use 30 percent less memory than chrome. Offers private browsing with powerful tracking protection.


To be honest, I have to say that Mozilla Firefox is a lifesaver for me. Whenever, I want to file an application or search anything, Mozilla work better than Opera and Safari. Mozilla is quick in page loading. Even today, if I have to choose any browser other than Chrome, Its Mozilla.


UC browser has fast functioning

Uc browser- UC browser is a Chromium-based browser with a high level of customizations available to users. It’s quite famous in the mobile world, wherein many phones it either comes already installed or you can download it from play store. Desktop version of this browser is available from around 2015. The problem that I faced with UC browser was that there are just too many distractions and need high bandwidth. The interface is not that impressive but it works fine.


Overall, the browser is easy to use and pages load quickly, it offers competition to Chrome in many parts of the world.


Opera is the most secure browser

Opera- developed by Opera Software, this browser works with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, mobiles. It uses the Blink layout engine. The latest version is Opera 53 released on 2018-05-10 with optimized tab display feature added to its list.


It’s the most secure browser with an inbuilt ad blocker,  free VPN, units converter, data savings and news feed. It’s designed to be on the go for your device.


Google Chrome is the best browser

Now my favorite Google Chrome- available for pretty much all platforms like Windows, Linux, MacOS, IOS, Android, the browser is the most used browser in the world. First thing is that it updates itself automatically. Meaning, that whenever anyone is using chrome, they will always be using an updated version. A very simple design for navigation through multiple pages and has a built-in pdf reader and flash player.


It syncs between your smartphones and computer to allow you to access all your saved favorites, bookmarks, security settings etc. with a well-organized layout. However,  you may find it slow in some places but overall I cannot recommend any other browser than Google Chrome.


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