What is adware, why they are bad and how to prevent them


Adware is one of the common threats to computer systems in current time. It is actually a software piece which displays advertising or banners when app is installed. Pop-up windows showing advertisements usually are a feature of such adwares ,  in app advertisement are also displayed on the user interface of app/programs. These type of software code were initially developed for computer systems but with advent of smartphones they have found place in mobile platforms too. These adverts popping after one another seems like a hurdle to operation by users and not good for user satisfaction.


But programming developers have their own logic for adware. That this allows them to recover the development costs, for freeware its the only stream of revenue for developers . According to them, adware also help reduces the cost for users.


Why Adware Is Bad?

Now, you are familiar with the basic concept of adware. some of you might also consider it a needed evil- to use freewares. However, you should remember it to be a harmful type of software code, Adware belongs to Malware family and most antivirus treats them in same way as a virus.  while the main goal of these programs is to acquire information from users and their likings and than display related advertising, they are far big trouble and can do much more than that.


Privacy:- Adware’s primary field of operation is to gather information “rather we will use the term Spy” on user activities and than based on those activities display suitable ads to user. This affects your privacy, due to extreme data sharing between advertising networks consider that all ad networks knows what you likes and what your activities are. An extreme infiltration to your privacy.


Browser security:- When it comes to breaking the browser’s security, to ease browser restrictions on ads , adware alters browser settings. Also, they try to change the default search engine as well as the home page.  As a result, users start getting poor-quality websites when they request/query, also they can redirect you to sites which are mala fide or NSFW.


Device performance:- Among other negative effects of adware, slow web surfing and difficulty in navigating are common.Popups keeps popping up causes hurdles in your operation of device also to show advertisements your mobile data is used along with system resources, which slows down your device and affects its performance.


Potential threat:- You should know that adware can be dangerous since it belongs to malware family. While its true that adware does not directly harm the computer files, but apart from this aspect adware and most of the dangerous viruses behave the same, so you need to be beware of any possibility of wrongdoing/potential threat.




How to Prevent Adware Attack in Your System

Some of the basic adware prevention strategies are as follows:


  1. Proper System Update:

It’s essential to update your computer programs and the entire system to prevent adware wrongdoings. A total of four critical updates are there to ensure this process: ISP (internet service provider) updates, operating system updates, email program updates, and anti-virus software updates.


  1. Correct Browser Settings:

To prevent adware to spread in your system, you need to know about the proper adjustments to your browser’s security settings. If you use Internet Explorer, make your Internet Zone settings as “Medium Security” or higher.


  1. Don’t forget to Install A Firewall:

If you do care for your system’s security, emphasis on a firewall is a must. These security programs filter data by preventing dangerous data from entering into the system.


So, once you unknowingly install adware and it wants to connect to the Internet (initially), you would get a warning message from the firewall. It would ask you for your permission before establishing the connection. Thus, you can take proper steps without getting into the trap of adware.


  1. Watch Before Clicking Anything:

Always check what you are clicking and thus you can lower the odds of adware attack. Maybe you need to devote some time to go through pop-up messages. It can save you from future inconveniences. Many people just click on “Ok” or “Yes” without reading the clauses. And Adware publishers take this advantage to fulfill their motives.


  1. Check What You Are Installing:

If you check thoroughly what you are going to install in your machine, you can save yourself from adware to a great extent. It is especially important when you are thinking about downloading a freeware. The program’s source must be reliable.


Now, you can ensure the protection of your computer system/device from adware.

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