VPN stands for virtual private network. It creates an encrypted and secure connection throughout a network that is not perfectly secure. An example of this type of network is the internet. Virtual private network was evolved to provide the remote users, as well as the respective branch offices, with a way so that they can access various corporate applications along with other important resources in a secure way.

To provide utmost protection, data need to move on via safe and secure tunnels. The users of VPN need to make use of multiple authentication approaches, such as tokens, passwords along with other unique identification procedures for accessing the virtual private network.

VPN connected devices can enjoy uninterrupted communication without any digital or physical interruptions in the middle.


Work Structure of VPN

To understand the work structure of VPN, you don’t need to be technically savvy. However, you should have some basic understandings of various protocols in simple terms. VPN makes use of these protocols to provide a personal and secure network.

SSL: SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer. It makes use of a 3-way handshake approach to provide appropriate authentication between a client and the particular server machines.

IPSec: IPSec stands for IP Security. The particular protocol can perform its work in tunneling or transport mode to secure a VPN connection.

PPTP: PPTP stands for Point-To-Point Transfer Protocol. It makes a connection between a remote user and aprivate server within a particular VPN network.

L2TP: L2TP stands for Layer Two Tunnelling Protocol. It streamlines thetunneling procedure of data in between two geographical locations within a VPN network.

Whenever you make a connection to a public network, it is wise to remember that the data is going through a large tunnel accompanied by other users’ data. Therefore, anyone can detect such data packets from that particular network. However, you don’t need to worry , as, with the help of VPN, you will get a confidential tunnel within that large tunnel. All of the data will be converted into encrypted garbage value to make it difficult-to-recognize.


Uses of VPN

Through the help of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), users can get access to the private network in a secure way. VPNs are able to share data via public networks remotely. The Firewall provides protection to data on the computer, likewise, VPNs provide protection to the online medium.

With a VPN connection a general user can bypass Geographical Content restrictions of websites, Tracking by Ad providers, access censored content and can access web freely,securely,privately . Thats why VPN is a tool you should know today. Out of a whole lot of VPN providers we are listing some here.


  1. ExpressVPN:-

Express VPN earns a place in our list, thanks to its feature-rich service which is easy to use for both technical and non-technical users.

With but 24/7 customer support and generous 30-day, no-quibble, money-back guarantees definitely its a deal.

For people related to privacy, strong encryption and no usage log are good.

If you want access to speed, privacy and geographically restricted content, then its servers located in vast countries around the world are also a big feature. Users in China will appreciate the special “stealth” servers of the ExpressVPN located in Hong Kong, and everywhere else users will appreciate the new Free Smart Domain Name System (DNS service) (which is included with all accounts), which allows streaming media such as Netflix easily on VPN .

Turn it on with simple, easy-to-use desktop software for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux (Command line only), Android and iOS Plus custom router , and you can see why ExpressVPN has remained one of our most popular VPN providers.

12 months plan – $ 6.67 a month  – ($ 99.95 total cost)   (plus 3 free months)

6 month plan – $ 9.99 per month ($ 59.95 total cost)

1 month plan – $ 12.95 per month


  1. NordVPN:-

NordVPN has as of late declared that it presently works from China, which is particularly uplifting news for the beijingers and the Shanghaiists who need numerous connections in the meantime at low costs. NordVPN offers an incredible solution with a modest membership fee. This can also unblock streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu.

A good feature is that the company provides several connections that employ double encryption. That option pushes your data through two servers instead of one , to ensure that the information you use will be sent / received gradually-in the most secure way

Android users should select the latest beta version of the app. Unfortunately, the iOS app of NordVPN can not escape the Great Firewall at this time.

24 months plan – $ 3.29 per month ($ 78.96 total cost)

12 months plan – $ 5.75 per month ($ 69 total cost)

1 month plan – $ 11.95 per month


  1. StrongVPN:-

StrongVPN is another long time favorite amongst experts. Speed and uptime are reliable .

The price is mid-range, similar to a lot but with less payment options. Each subscription comes with a 5-day refund guarantee. Support team is available 24/7/365  but can be accessed through online form only.

Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

12 months plan – $ 5.83 per month ($ 69.96 total cost)

1 month plan – $ 10 per month


  1. IPVanish:-

Making our list is another notable VPN client software that provides a safe browsing experience on Windows PCs. IPvanish is able to make your IP address disappear, thus maszking your identity online.

Bold by its trademark cryptographic encryption technology, this free VPN client software can easily protect your data and information. In addition to 40,000+ Shared IPs, IPvanish has access to over 500+ VPN servers in 60+ countries. Therefore, if you want to stay online almost everywhere, then IPvanish is worth checking out.

Some other great features of IPvanish include: 256-bit AES encryption safe, no traffic logs and 5 simultaneous connections on multiple devices. In addition, IPvanish is capable of providing unlimited bandwidth and torrenting on its secure PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP / IPECEC VPN protocol.

IPVanish is a premium VPN client software, with plans of $ 10 / month to $ 6.49 / month for annual membership. while currently IPvanish provides free trial only to those who sign up on their iOS app.

12 months plan – $ 6.49 per month ($ 77.88 total cost)

3 months plan – $ 8.99 per month ($ 26.97 total cost)

1 month plan – $ 10 per month


5.Turbo VPN:-

True to its name, Turbo VPN is a stunning, fast free VPN software that provides a steady non-fluctuation connection at the speed of the turbo. Users do not have to have any monthly or annual premiums to avail the services of this VPS.

Some of the other luminous features that power Turbo VPNs in one of the best free VPN for Windows XP include: It works with LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi, and you can create hotspots and Enable connection sharing. In addition, Turbo VPN uses less bandwidth to provide an uninterrupted browsing experience.

This VPN is Free Of Cost.


  1. Zenmate:-

Zenmate is a easy to set up VPN.

But as always, where the software is designed to make it as simple as possible, the expert user will be disappointed with the lack of available controls.

For example, you can not choose your own security protocol (the service only uses L2TP), or in fact specify a specific city for a server location; You can only choose by country

12 months plan – $ 4.99 per month ($ 59.88 total cost)

6 month plan – $ 7.49 per month ($ 44.94 total cost)

1 month plan – $ 8.99 per month


  1. CyberGhost:-

Cyberghost is a Romanian/German-based VPN that have around 10 million clients, and offers an assorted scope of software clients including Windows, Mac,  iOS and Android.

What’s more, it’s awesome to see that the execution is very quick.


2 Years – 2.37 Euro One Month  (€69.90 total cost)

1 year – 4.99 euro one month (€59.88 total cost)

6 months – 7.99 euro one month (€47.94 total cost)

1 month – 10.99 euro one month

Also free Plan with limits.


  1. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited:-

KeepSolid claims some impressive performance levels, our tests show that VPN speed was hardly influenced by downloads.

(Only five servers support Torrents: one place each in Canada, France, Luxembourg, Romania, and America).


12 months plan – $ 3.33 per month ($ 39.96 total cost)

1 month plan – $ 6.99 per month

Lifetime Plan – $ 14 9.99


  1. Windscribe:-

One of the main attractions here is the fact that Windscribe’s commercial plan allows unlimited connections, so it does not matter how many family members or devices you have, you will be covered.

This provider also has a clearly defined privacy policy, and it has a easy to use  Windows client. However, performance is simply average, so do not expect fast speeds, but what you get is definitely enjoyable.

A free plan is available and it gives you a generous 10 GB monthly data, although you can only use one device with it, and there are limits on the amount of data you can download.

12 months plan – $ 3.75 per month ($ 45 total cost)

1 month plan – $ 4.50 per month


  1. TunnelBear:-

TunnelBear is Canada-based VPN service which is notable for many reasons like easy to use, a wide range of clients, in which both desktops and mobile devices come in well, and the software is highly user-friendly.

Even using the website is easy and guides about how VPN works in simple common man’s rules. As you can guess, however, specialist users can find lack of details instead, and most importantly, there are few options to tweak your connection. So this is actually made for the common users.

12 months plan – $ 4.99 per month ($ 59.88 total cost)

1 month plan – $ 9.99 per month


  1. Hotspot Shield:-

AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield manages to provide all the necessary VPN service features at an attractive price, with the option of getting lifetime premium licenses. It supports private browsing, allows access to “all content,” and supports up to five devices.

The results of the performance were excellent in our tests, latency showed only slight increase, and both uploads and download speeds were faster .

There is a lot of appeal in the high speed and low prices of hotspot shield premiums, and 7-day trials make it easy for you to test the service.

24 months plan – $ 2.99 per month ($ 71.76 total cost)

1 month plan – $ 12.99 per month


  1. VyprVPN:-

VyprVPN additionally offers an extensive variety of software clients and its Windows client profits by a simple to-utilize interface.

Most likely the best news this VPN is certainly quick.

Note that on the logging front, a few logs are kept up (association time, IP addresses).


12 month plan – $ 5 per month ($ 60 total cost)

12 months plan2 – $ 6.67 per month ($ 80.04 total cost)

1 month plan – $ 9.95 per month


  1. Buffered VPN:-

In our demonstration test, this Hungarian VPN organization impressed by providing overall, instant uploads to overall download speeds and this really improved our normal connection delay, which was great to see.

Keep in mind that in addition to the original desktop client (Windows and Mac), Android is its only mobile client. There are setup instructions for other devices (like iPhone / iPad), but if DIY are not  for you than look elsewhere.

Bufferedrd VPN creates a general ‘no logging’ commitment, which means that your privacy will be safe. One of the highlights of the service is a generous refund policy, which allows you to get your money back if you have not used more than 10 hours, 100 sessions or 10 GB bandwidth – whichever comes first.

 12 months  -$ 7.62 a month ($ 99.00 total cost) (1 month free for first year)

 6 months – $ 9.99 a month ($ 59.94 total cost)

 1 month – $ 12.99 a month


  1. Speedify:-

Speedify appeal for users on streaming is rooted in its ‘channel bonding’ feature, which increases the speed by adding multiple connections (Wi-Fi, cellular, fixed broadband) together. You also get less latency, which makes this a good choice for users with low-end devices.

The provider provides a fairly wide level of server coverage, and performance in our testing was satisfactory with very useful speed (without using channel binding, which do not have access to multiple connections).

Speedify is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android but nothing is fancy – apps are very basic and there are less choices for advanced tuning. ‘Uncle’ encryption is a weapon of choice for security, while the provider explicitly says that it does not log any user’s online activity.

Free plan – 1 GB per month

 1 year –   $ 4.40 a month ($ 52.72 total cost)

 1 month – $ 9.35 a month


  1. TorGuard:-

When it comes to VPN, Torgaurd is not the best actor: In our trial, we found that it was the average provider in terms of speed. However, its base of  55+ countries with large scale server selection is The biggest you will find anywhere.

The provider has clients for all operating systems with an additional bonus of multiple Linux versions. A property of options allows you to configure things that you want (including a ping and usage overview), which will make it especially more appealing to the more advanced users.

12 months – $ 5 a month ($ 59.99 total cost)

6 months – $ 5 a month ($ 29.99 total cost)

3 months – $ 6.66 a month($ 19.99 total cost)

1 month – $ 9.99 a month

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