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What Are Passwords Manager and benefits

Nowadays, we do not just log into our accounts to talk to our friends, post pictures and send a message. There are many other important activities too that we perform online now, which include shopping logins, work logins, online banking, social media sites for business purposes and many more.


All sites requires strong alphanumeric with symbols and Case sensitivity too. These passwords are not easy to remember and  remembering multiple complex passwords is surely not everyone’s cup of tea. Still you cannot compromise with your security and choose just one password everywhere, it would be a grave mistake. So how to  handle such troubled task of remembering all passwords, well help is already available in form of  Password Manager.


  • What is Password Manager?

Password manager is a feature that is included in all the browsers, operating systems, Antivirus Software and other Applications. Password Management Software have been developed using different approaches. There are ways to store the data, keep password data secured, and design additional features for saving and retrieving account information.



  • Use of Password Manager:

Password Manager can be used in a variety of ways. These are given below:


  1. Password Manager Protects Your Passwords:

Password Manager helps make your password stronger. Password manager recommends you a number of ways to amend your passwords, so that your password may be stronger than before. Thus, Password Manager ensures that your passwords are secure, and very strong.


  1. Master Password for All:

It is hard to remember the password for all profiles. Password Managers just understands your confusions, and allows you to keep a single master password for all accounts. Your password manager randomly generates your master password, which is the most secure, private and safe to use. Your all accounts become easily accessible.



  1. Password Manager Prevent Re-Use Attacks:

Your computer can be affected by malware, spyware, DDoS and phishing attacks.  Hackers try to attain your credentials, such as your online banking account’s username and password, your work logins, credit card details etc. So, Password Manager always makes sure such re-use attacks are defeated.


  1. Password Manager Does Not Allow Imposters.

There are some hackers who try to attain your personal information by impersonating as the “original” website you use, but the login is linked with the attacker’s website. Password Manager recognizes your “unique” passwords and logins, so the attack is averted and the attacker is prevented from obtaining your personal information.


  • Suggestions of Password Managers:

Password Manager gives you suggestions from time to time to erase or delete data of accounts you happen to use the least. This is how, your computer remains at low risk and becomes highly secured.


  • Examples of Password Manager:

  Following are some of the best Password Managers:


  1. LastPass:

LastPass is the No#1 Password Manager App. It is free for all devices.




  1. 1Password

It is a popular password manager, which allows users to keep sensitive information, passwords or key credentials in a vault secured by PBKDF2-guarded master password.



  1. DashLane

It is a premium-Password Manager. It ensures that you are never hacked, and you never forget your password.

Other popular Password Managers include Sticky Password and PadLock. In this advanced world, the Password Manager has become a necessity rather than just a feature.

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