Global Positioning System

What is GPS Spoofing?

What is GPS:-

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a radionavigation system, which is satellite-based. It is one of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). GPS is owned by United States of America, and it is operated by United States Air Force. GPS is used in building, ship, aircraft or car for navigation purpose.There are some more Alternatives to GPS such as GLONASS, INS etc but still GPS is the main Navigation system being used.


What is GPS Spoofing-

GPS spoofing is an attack carried out on a Global Positioning System where radio transmitter is located near targeted GPS system. The legitimate GPS signals are interfered by radio, and inaccurate information or no information is given by the GPS system. This attack is called GPS spoofing.


Global Positioning System navigation and Google maps


How is GPS Spoofing done?

Software: Today, GPS Spoofing can be done through open-source software, which is available in commercial markets at a low price under 300$. Smallest Spoofing devices can be bought under 100$. These devices can carry out attack if they are near to target. Powerful and strong devices are required for the wide-scale attacks.


How Attackers Interfere:Attackers interfere with GPS system of a vehicle through its radio transmitter. So, attackers try to reach radio transmitter. Broadcast antenna would be pointed at target’s GPS receiver antenna, so that they may interfere with GPS signals of nearby vehicles, ships, aircraft or buildings. Thus, a spoofing device can also be carried into a vehicle, ship, aircraft or building by cyber-attacker.


Also, a smartphone app can used to interfere with phone’s location data. Those transportation companies, which use smartphone apps for tracking their location, are vulnerable to interference.


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How to Defend Against GPS Spoofing?

Defense sectors are finding solutions against the GPS Spoofing, for it has become a concern for the companies, governments and common people. By following steps, you can defend against the GPS Spoofing:


  1. Hidden Antennas: Antennas must be placed at an area that cannot be seen by others. Antennas can be fenced by plastic, and hidden thereby.
  2. Decoy Antennas:A decoy antenna can be placed far away from the real one, so that real antenna may not be interfered.
  3. Jammers/Blocking Antennas:They can be used to block the interfering of the signals.
  4. Backups:Backups can determine the location and time until GPS is restored.



GPS Spoofing is carried out for misguiding through GPS location service. One can defend against GPS Spoofing by handling the installation process or operation of GPS smartly.

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