Browser Add-Ons That Can Save You From Being Tracked

Browser Add-Ons That Can Save You From Being Tracked


Do you want to keep anonymity across the web?

Do you want to prevent tracking activities of sites and the resulting consequences?

Do you want to de-personalize your browser?


Then, it is time to install an anti-tracking browser add-on in your system. As a result, you can expect to increase your privacy online. Here are listed some of such.


uBlock Origin:

This browser add-on comes suitable for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. So, what is the work structure of uBlock Origin. You might know unwanted widgets or pop-ups can transfer your data to different advertisers. In turn, it can compromise your security and track your activities in the web.



You do not want this to happen, right?



uBlock Origin can block such unwanted programs to do so. Moreover, it also enables you to make your personalized lists. That means you can decide the ads that you want to keep or block.


Besides, uBlock Origin can prevent more ads from getting displayed on your system. And it performs the entire action without wasting huge memory. That means you can expect to keep getting a smooth browsing experience with this add-on. uBlock Origin can also prevent cookies. That means you can preserve your anonymous identity online. This browser extension can prevent websites from tracking you. Hence, you can stay safe from malicious ads.



Ghostery comes with a user-friendly interface. This popular add-on can track cookies on every website you pay a visit to. As a result, it prevents the tracking activities of the cookies. That means you can maintain your anonymity across the web. Preventing tracking also boosts up the site’s page-load time. It will save time as a result.




In short, Ghostery can weed out unwanted programs and safeguard your identity.


Nevertheless, you cannot expect Ghostery to block trackers without any intervention. It implies you must check the tracker in its interface and make your decision. You can enable them or block them.


Do you expect a better experience from Ghostery? Then, sharing your data with this add-on will help.


Privacy Badger:

It is a lightweight browser extension. That means you do not need to worry about heavy memory usage.


Privacy Badger features a convenient toolbar button. It works by maintaining your data record. Its block-list structure comes with a green/yellow/red system. Take its help and it will display all the web pages that are tracking you.


As a result, you can block such web pages, as per your choice at any time.


Privacy Badger:


Another worth-noting point is that Privacy Badger does not prevent all content. That means you can still have a better website experience.It is because Privacy Badger only blocks tracking scripts of a website. So, it cannot track your online activities.


Many websites have made tracking mandatory to allow you to access the web pages. In this case, Privacy Badger allows its loading while blocking its tracking activities.



In simple words, personalize experience across the web is the gateway to track. Thankfully, Disconnect is there. It can de-personalize browsing activities while keeping the essential functions intact.


That means you can maintain your anonymity throughout your web journey.




Disconnect can also prevent the parts of the tracking code of third-party programs. Otherwise, it could harm your computer or compromise your privacy.


When a website wants to connect some third-party program, it sends a network request. However, Disconnect prevents it to load any unnecessary content.


HTTPS Everywhere:

The great team-up of The Tor Project and Electronic Frontier Foundation resulted in HTTPS Everywhere. This browser extension can rewrite requests by default. In turn, you will be directed to the HTTPS-secured websites.


HTTPS Everywhere:


Landing to an unsafe, malicious site can harm your system and put your data in danger.


Nonetheless, HTTPS Everywhere eradicates this probability. It helps you to stay safe from unsafe parts of a website.This extension will lead you to the HTTPS websites, which are encrypted and safe. That is how it can safeguard your private data from being tracked.



Now, choose your favorite option and protect your system and data.


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