Top Monitor /Spy/shady Apps

Top Monitor /Spy/shady Apps


MSPY  is an app which is very beneficial for parents to watch their children. They can keep an eye and track of their child’s usage of internet by monitoring them. Mspy helps to keep record and track of the browser history and blocked areas. Mspy is easy to contact via email support and is a reliable application. It is a paid application and price starts from 39.99$ for a basic 3-month package.



This app is for almost every cell phone operating system. through this app, one can have an eye on anyone and can get access to every chat. its advantage is comparatively less in comparison to mspy. but every app has its own new features. It is very much user-friendly and easy to download. Its price is 149$ for the premium version 349$ for the extreme version.



xnspy provides a variety of comprehensive features. some of them are as follows-

  • GPS tracking, which can be used to detect stolen cell phones.
  • Girlfriends can check all the media files of their boyfriend.
  • one can detect all edited text messages.its price starts from 8.99$ for a basic version.



4. Highster app

It is compatible with all types of operating systems such as windows, ios, android, blackberry etc. you can detect all text messages. Its main highlight feature is that it is still undetectable. Its price starts from 69.99$.



5.Teen safe app

This one is favorite. This is a parental app and has all the features needed to spy on a kid. we can easily see deleted messages and can receive each and every incoming and outgoing call. it has a GPS tracking system which helps parents to know where their children are. This app helps  parents to have a full eye on their kids. Its price starts from 14.99$ per month after a free trial of 7 days. You can turn off the subscription after one month.


6.Mobistealth app

This app is basically designed for exam cheaters. this app allows a student to ask their questions and get a quick response through a live chatting system. The two highlighting features of this app are-

  • real-time GPS tracking and history tracking
  • monitoring on each every type of text messages. its price starts from 26.00$ for 2 months and you can turn off the subscription at any time.


7. The truth spy app

This app is unique due to its remote control and keylogger options. this app is a paid version and the payment mode is quite similar to subscription that is on monthly basis.

cost of premium version is 24$.cost of silver version is 26$.cost of gold version is 30$


8.The one spy app

This app is different from all due to its demo version. this app also has the same features as others have. this allows you to track each and every call and you can record it too.

its price varies from operating systems to systems.

25$ per month, 50$ for 3 months, 75$ for 6 months for mac.

20$ per month, 30$ per 3 months, 50$ for 12 months for windows.

30$ per month, 55$ for 3 months, 99$ for 6 months for Android.



Top Monitor /Spy/shady Apps This app helps to spy on each and every type of text messages.

This app costs 47$ for 3 months for an elite version and 67$ for a premium version.



This app still remains the most popular app of all. it also has the same features as others have, but due to its reliability and efficiency, it is still at the top.

its price is 27.77$ per month or 7.5$ per month for a 1-year subscription.


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