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5 Security Tips To Protect Sensitive Mobile/Device Data

Can you imagine your day without your phone/devices? Not at all, isn’t it? From having important professional conversations to saving personal data, our devices do a lot for us.


However, convenience has increased the susceptibility of data loss if proper measures are not taken in advance. Since phones carry most of our info, it is a must to protect it by using the following security tips.


   #1.  An Updated Operating System Is Mandatory:

Many people perceive the importance of an updated operating system (OS) in only their desktops. Do you think the same? Then, remember, you need to run an updated operating system on your smartphone as well.


Moreover, a periodical updating is also necessary to stay safe from security bugs. Do not wait for updating the OS version till the very late. If you are an entrepreneur and running a company, you must instruct your employees to maintain an updated OS on their devices. An updated OS helps to fill security gaps and boosts the performance of the device.


Mobile Security


The importance of downloading updates is same for Android and iOS. The security threats keep on advancing over the years. The latest updates help to keep all vulnerabilities at bay while ensuring the safety of the mobile data.


  #2.  A Strong Password Is Compulsory For The Lock Screen:

Not making your phone password-protected can attract some unpleasant events. It could end up in compromising your sensitive data. Moreover, it also enables criminals to make unauthorized access to your private conversations or social media accounts.


If you depend on your phone from day to night, it is a must for you to set a password for the lock screen. Otherwise, the security of your email conversations or confidential financial information can be at stake.


#3. Cautious About What You Are Downloading:

Are you aware of the BYOD policy? It dictates employees of a company about which apps they can download and which are not. So, even you are not an entrepreneur and a regular smartphone user, check twice before downloading anything from suspicious sources.


Many users feel tempted to jailbreak their iPhone to download apps from other sources rather than the official Apple App Store. It can pose dangerous security threats to the device and even it can lead to compromising your sensitive information. Thus, unreliable apps can get access to your device.


This caution also applies for the Android users when they start thinking of download apps from other than the official Google Store.


#4. Beware Of Public Wi-Fi:

Do you like to surf the Internet on public Wi-Fi? It can compromise your phone’s sensitive information. Data that communicate through such networks are easy to intercept.


Mobile Security


That means you must stay away from public Wi-Fi when your phone is filled with confidential information. Stick to your mobile phone data to ensure safety. If you run a company, think about setting up a data compensation scheme.


If it is urgent and you have no option without public Wi-Fi, try to use a virtual private network (VPN) app. It will provide online privacy even when you are in a public network and also encrypt the data.


#5. Do not Forget to Download Top-Notch Security Software:

Are you conscious about using security software on your desktop or laptop? Then, it is time to download the same for your mobile device. An advanced security package will help your device to stay protected from any sort of vulnerability.


Most of your phone’s security is in your hands. Do not leave your device alone anywhere, especially in public places. Change your PIN or password on a periodic basis.


Relax! with the above steps you can be protected from most of the troubles for your phone/device.

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