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Drawbacks of Antivirus Software

Personal computers (PC) have become an integral part of our lives. Be it a personal or professional task, computer systems have been playing some essential roles.


Are you a proud owner of a computer?


Then, you need to think about malware protection to safeguard your system.


Do you belong to the group, where people stay away from downloading online? However, it is not enough to get rid of the malware.


Do you know advanced viruses can move to multiple systems without any help from the Internet? That means their capability has largely increased.


Antivirus Software


Now, you may be thinking about using an antivirus tool in your system. However, it is essential to know about their potential drawbacks prior to opting for one.


Restricted Detection Strategies:

There is no “one size fits all” concept when it comes to detecting viruses. So, many antivirus tools cannot work on all virus inspection strategies.


Virus Scanning Strategy & Need for Updates

Now, it is a widespread fact that virus scanners act as the mainly used method for detection. It is all about finding out familiar patterns of virus codes. But also, it can be a drawback in virus detection.


Antivirus Software


A virus scanner can often offer an incorrect alarm even if a pattern matches with a safe file code. Moreover, scanners cannot inspect the code patterns of the latest virus threats. Hence, it is a must for antivirus software to update its database on a periodic basis.


Detection of Changes in Executable Files

On the contrary, some programs make use of the strategy to inspect changes in .exe files. Such antivirus software is known as CRC or cyclic redundancy check scanner.


Nonetheless, it can work well whenever it has proper information about the system. However, in some cases, viruses can be present in the PC before the installation. Here, such antivirus programs cannot detect the threat.

Antivirus Software



What should be the Ideal Situation?

An ideal antivirus program must make use of both of these strategies. Moreover, it should also comprise of heuristic analysis as well as verifiers. If a program does not execute these two strategies, there is a high chance for a virus to save itself from detection.


No Complete Protection:

Installing an antivirus program is not enough to immune a system. An Internet firewall also plays some pivotal roles to safeguard a system. It helps by preventing unauthorized accesses, spyware or malware to a system.


However, you can also think about using a router to strengthen the firewall protection. It is essential if you are using multiple systems connected to the Internet.


Antivirus Software


Deceleration of the PC Speed:

It is no wonder that antivirus programs take a significant portion of system memory and hard disk. It causes the deceleration of the PC speed. For low end systems they slowdown it considerably.


As a result, you may feel difficulties to perform your high resource demanding PC activities. Also installation of an antivirus program may also affect the computer network’s speed. The strategy of configuring antivirus protection can also slow down a computer network. So its better to choose a lightweight Antivirus for system accordingly.


Computers nowadays act as a repository of confidential information. Hence, you must take a combined help of a proper antivirus program and other protective measures to defend your system against any virus/malware, choosing a proper antivirus according to system capability is advised.

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