What Is Firewall, Its Uses and importance

What is Firewall?

Firewall is defined as a network security protocol which monitors, filters and controls traffic on a network system. A firewall happens to protect a network or PC against unauthorized access, use or any other disadvantage via network or internet. Firewall successfully becomes a barrier between unauthorized and authorized use of the system via network.


 Simply A Firewall is a Security program that protects dangers/threats to your pc from network or internet.



Uses and importance of firewall:

Uses and importance of firewall are given below:


  • Protects PC Against Hackers:

PC Against HackersWhen your computer is connected to internet, it is opened to many possibilities of hacking attacks. So, a firewall must be enabled/installed in your pc first and foremost to recognize and disallow any wrong entries/attack in your computer.




  • Monitors the data sent over your network.

When data is sent in packets, these packets are analyzed by the firewall in order to ensure that there is not anything malicious in data. Any malice can be hazardous for computer and network system. Monitoring thus helps to create rules to protect your PC.


  • Prevent any Ransomware, Adware or Spyware loading.

 RansomwareThese are the malicious links which may cost you huge amounts of money. Spyware and ransomware are hacking techniques. Ransomware hackers lock/steal your important files/data, and ask for ransom in return for release. The keyloggers steal your username and password, and access your online private accounts through spyware software. Adware is irritating malicious advertisement generation software. Firewall tries to protect PC against all of these.


  • Stops Trojan attacks.

Firewall effectively block Trojan horses from entering in your network system, and stops it from disrupting computer system.


  • Filtering:

FilteringFirewall’s primary function is the Packet Filtering. When a request is sent to the computer for accessing computer network, request is  sent in the form of packets of data which travels within network to  the destination. The firewall analyzes the data, and filters it according to the internal set of rules and prevents unauthorized transfer. It can also be used so that employees can be prevented from accessing particular websites or non-work resources while they are on duty.


  • Internal and external Threat:

 Internal ThreatA function of Firewall is to protect the network system against the attackers. So, it protects the network from internal and external threats. It effectively filter out all offensive requests thus preventing major losses. Therefore, it also acts as a protector against any intruder, hackers or any phishing attacks.



  • Logging:

 LoggingOne of the most important parts of using Firewall is logging of the traffic that passes through the Firewall. It saves the data from packets that have passed through it or that it had discarded. So, it records all the data. Thus, user’s activities can be monitored through it in order to prevent any malicious attack.



Firewall can be helpful to protect your PC against all external threats effectively.

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