Data wiper utility for PC

Data wiper utility for PC

What is the Requirement?

If you are thinking about replacing of the hard drive of your computer or complete deletion of everything, then it is crucial to erase the hard drive with help of a hard drive wipe utility program. You can now easily erase your sensitive files, passwords, and data along with other essential information in a safe and secure manner.


How it Works

Whenever we delete files and empty our computer’s Recycle Bin, we are actually erasing the address information because we are deleting just the reference to those pieces of information so that the computer’s operating system becomes unable to find it. Many of us don’t know that every piece of data is present there unless they are overwritten. They can be recovered easily through the utilization of a file recovery software.


Disk wiper software is able to erase data completely. Every data destruction program makes use of one or multiple data sanitization approaches. It overwrites pieces of information on the drive in a permanent way.


Data wiper utility for PC


Some Wipe Data Program Utility for PC


DBAN (Darik’s Boot and Nuke) (Free)

Data wiper utility for PC Darik’s Boot And Nuke is popularly known as DBAN. It is one of the best and free-of-cost data destruction software. It is available in a popular format as a ready-to-go ISO. You just need to perform a simple task that is burning it to a flash drive or CD followed by booting your PC. The menu interface of DBAN program is very user-friendly.



CBL Data Shredder (Free)

Data wiper utility for PC It arrives in two forms. Users can boot from it through a USB stick or disc (like DBAN) or you can utilize this program from within Windows as a regular program.




CCleaner (Free, Paid)

It is a very helpful PC utility program. It erases internal and external both drives. This amazing program is used as a registry cleaner, startup monitoring, program uninstaller, disk analyzer, duplicate finder etc. You can get features of the Pro version through payment of a premium price, however, CCleaner will provide a great value for your money.



HDShredder (Free Trial, Paid)

It is ideal software for erasing the hard drive. HDShredder can be used on Windows Operating Systems(OS). By this software, you can wipe out files from USB drives and HDD both. The particular program is available in two form(Free, paid) and both of them utilize the same data wipe approach. You can use a range of additional features in Paid version if u need to utilize them. After a period, you will be instructed to upgrade to a paid version.


PCDiskEraser (Free)

It is another free-of-cost data destruction program that starts its operation prior to the booting up of the computer.


Eraser (Free)

This particular program works with any types of drive, such as SCSI and RAID, CD-RWs, and IDE. It is loaded with outstanding features and featured with forum support and help. It provides informative reports regarding cluster tips or unerased files.It is not a comprehensive list, as different other programs are also available in this regard.

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