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WordPress Backup and transfer to other host

WordPress is most popular CMS today, its popularity is increasing and more than half of websites are running via it, From small to big ones.  WordPress is hosted on a server which is usually provided by a hosting service.


There are many types of hosting service provided by different hosting service provider companies. List is as per below.


  • Shared hosting
  • Managed hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated Server hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting


If you are a small business owner and you start your website, you choose economic hosting service because of low traffic but after some time traffic will be high because of marketing. High traffic can crash your website/ Limit its use and that can be big loss for you/ your company. Also you can have trouble with your current hosting provider and would like to shift somewhere else. Now you will think how to move to another server without a glitch. No prob,  Here we are providing the info to you for backing up and migrating wordpress.




Firstly remember- When you want to transfer or migrate your website to other host, you have to choose your new hosting service provider company wisely.


After that to move the website you need to take back up of your whole website and migrate to other hosting service provider company. This will be very tedious job but fortunately you have help. There are many wordpress plugins available for website backup and migration ( transfer to other host ). Some plugins are free and some are paid. List is as per below.


  • Updraftplus
  • VaultPress
  • BackupBuddy
  • BoldGrid Backup
  • BlogVault
  • BackWPup
  • Duplicator


As a example we will see how it works with Duplicator plugin, which is a good plugin for website backup and hosting migration.

  1. Install duplicator plugin in wordpress and activate it.
  2. Then create new package in duplicator plugin, scan all files and create package , than download your backup file.
  3. Upload or import this backup file (wordpress site) to new host with the use of File Transfer Protocol (FTP)/ upload menu.
  4. Since your domain name is still pointing to your old host, you’ll have to change it by entering your new server’s IP address or nameserver in DNS field of domain. You can do this easily after finding ip address/ name servers from hosting company and inputting this in DNS field of domain provider.
  5. Create your new MySQL database and new username with password in your new host. After configuration of all these things, start duplicator migration process.
  6. Do all necessary settings in your migration plugin and you are done.


Many people will not trust a plugin since a glitch can ruin the backup file or their server might not support such process or some error occurs and hence will like to do the work manually, which we are telling below-


Steps on how to Migrate a WordPress Website manually :-


Step 1: Back up your website files :-

  • The absolute initial step is to back up each part of your site, A wordpress website has two modules to back up , files and database
  • Using FTP or cpanel file manager create a zip file of your site folder also see if some files are hidden , you need to unhide them before zipping.
  • Zipping is gonna take some time depending on files etc when its completed start downloading it . While this download is in progress we can start step two and make a duplicate of your database.


Step 2: Export The WordPress Database :-

  • Exporting your database is a basic procedure that just requires a couple of steps to finish. Login to the cPanel of your web server and open the phpMyAdmin application. Select the database that contains your WordPress database from the menu on the left hand sidebar and once chosen click on the Export tab on the route menu.


Export The WordPress Database


  • The default settings of a Quick export are adequate for what we need, after clicking export, database will start downloading.
  • When the database and backup file are finished downloading, you are prepared to move onto the following step.


Backup part finishes now, you can proceed ahead for migration/transfer to other host.


Step 3: Create The WordPress Database On Your New Host Server :-

Before we can start the movement of site data, you should make a database in which you can import your MYSQL database. The means to make a database are very basic:


  • Open Cpanel and from Phpmyadmin create a new MySQL Database for your site.




  • Create new MySQL client/user with a protected secret key/password


Create new MySQL user


  • Add this client/user record to the new database and grant all Privileges.




  • Save the database name, the new MySQL username and password. You will require them soon.


Step 4: Import Your Database :-

  • Since you have a new database to work with we can start the import procedure.
  • Click on phpMyAdmin from the cPanel of your new server and select your new database from the menu on the left hands sidebar. When it opens select the Import tab from the menu.
  • In the File to Import area click the Choose File and select the SQL database you downloaded previously.


Import Database


  • Un-tick the Partial Import check box, ensure the organization is set to SQL and after that click the import button. The database import will start.
  • Import time is usually small now but will depend on your file size. When import is done it will tell about process completion.


Step 5: Upload The WordPress Files To Your New Host :-

  • Since you have the new database arranged now install wordpress via Cpanel’s softaculous app manager  in the folder to which your domain name points, after installation you will find a wp-config.php file in this folder, update database name , username and password which we previously wrote. when its done now the time has come to start transferring your site’s documents.


softaculous app


  • you can download wp-config.php for later upload




  • Using ftp program upload zip file or upload via file manager and unzip file , overwrite all files except wp-config file or upload it after overwriting all files.


file manager






  • your wordpress is now ready .


Following these steps you can easily backup and transfer wordpress , which is easy and saves a lot of troubles too.

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