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Are you surfing to know about Paid And Free Royalty-Free Content/media (video,Audio) providers ?.


Well, worry no more about this because this article guide is going to Tell you about where you can find royalty free media for free and also with paid options. If you are a blogger or a website owner then you might have faced content problems which stops you from growing your blog. Before directly jumping to the websites where you’ll get royalty free content you need to know first about royalty/copyright free Content.


What is royalty free or copyright free content?

Royalty free Content is the content which is other person’s work but where they don’t demand royalty(money/other forms) for copy of their work used by others and basically provide the work for free. Every person who create/shoots something original is owner of that media/thing and if any other person wants to use a copy of it , they need permission from owner else they can be sued and that’s bad for anyone.


But some people provide their work for free/at a nominal charge to other people with license for use this is known as copyright free content, since creator has provided the work for use by public with license of use. There are also websites which provide the content for free/paid to you, you can use content and you wont be sued for copyright violation since it also comes with license for use.



Where you’ll get royalty free media (videos and audio)?


Videos plays very important role in blogging as well as in social media platforms where you can showcase your talent (platforms like YouTube). We can see many of the bloggers and YouTubers use stick footage along with audios. Well you can also use them, as they are available on websites. There are several portals from where you can get royalty free media. Let’s know about them.


For videos:-

  • Pixabay (videos):- pixabay is one of the best website from where you can download royalty free videos for free. As it includes high resolution footages which will help you to use in your blog or YouTube videos.


  • Pixels videos :- if you want to try something new and fresh then pixels videos is for you as it provides to stock footages inside it which you can surely use in your blog of any niche and also in your YouTube videos which will improve your quality.


  • Videvo:- videvo is another website from where you can get stock footages having high resolution quality which will help you to create quality content.


  • Videezy:- videezy provides you High resolution video so that you can make your blog to look like and professional and you can also use these videos in your YouTube videos to make it amazing.


  • Motion places:- motion places provides you high resolution videos to improve your blog quality. It is a newly launched websites to you can I get here all the stock footages.


For Audio:-

  • SoundCloud:- audio plays an important role in your video and also in blog (if you have travel blog specially). Soundcloud is one of the famous and mostly used websites from where you can get royalty free audios tracks.


  • Bensound:- bensound provides you paid as well as freeaudio tracks which allows you to use it in your blog and YouTube videos


  • Purple planet:- purple planet is another website from where you get royalty free music which you can use in your YouTube videos as well as blog so to make it user friendly.


So these were the most popular and mostly used websites Where you’ll get lot of sound tracks and video footage  for free mostly, however some may require credit/ link back to use, but if you wont like that , then there are paid option also where you just pay and don’t have to do any other thing else.




Moving forward if you are the one who have money to spent for high quality work/ more options where you could find millions of sound tracks and video footage the following paid portals list could be for you as they consists of more amount of tracks and video footage than free ones. These can be very useful if you are looking to upgrade the quality of your Product, YouTube channel or blog.


For video:-

  • Shutterstock:- Like images some of the paid videos  are very useful on shutterstock to make your blog interactive,  shutterstock provides you some of the best footages to make your videos and blogs, is quite an established brand in market.


  • Adobe stock:- Adobe Stock is a new comer in this fields but they have large amount of media on almost every keyword just have lost their Adobe stock where you can download the royalty free video footages. As its membership is of very cheap.


  • Videvo (paid):- videvo also provides you paid videos which you can use in your social media platforms and also on blogs so to improve your quality.


For audio :-

  • Epidemic sound:- epidemic sound is still on the top and it provides you all types of tracks such as jazz and other audio too. It is as cheap so everyone can afford it.


  • Incomptech:- most of the YouTube creators and bloggers use incomptech, it is very useful website from where you can get audio tracks for your videos.


  • TeknoAxe:- if you are looking for a cheap website from where you can get royalty free audio tracks which you can use in your blog as well as YouTube videos then TeknoAxe is one more option as it has original tracks of various types.


  • Machinimasound:- machinima sound is next level audio provider which provides you all types of audio tracks at a very cheap cost which makes your video and blog to be like a pro.


So these were the top websites from where you can get royalty free media. while these are the paid websites but they provide value for money so you don’t have to worry more about that. You can get millions of videos as well as tracks which you can use it in your blog or in YouTube channel without giving credit to anyone.

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