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Top Computer Viruses of All Time

Many new types of viruses are identified day by day. Do you know how much harm can a virus actually cause? Most of the viruses are not detected by a simple smartphone, Windows PC. So, for this purpose, many security apps are developed to get rid of these harmful viruses. Computer viruses harm the computer in some way or another. Most viruses do not cause much troublesomeness and one can simply remove them with the help of an antivirus software. But on the other hand, some computer viruses can be a complete tragedy. Their effects on the computer are so catastrophic that many type of antivirus software cann’t remove them. Here, below is a list of top five computer viruses that caused major damage to computers. So, let’s explore them one by one:-


Top malicious computer viruses: –

  • Melissa: – This virus came into the picture in the year 1999. Typically, it floods the email and its effects are so catastrophic that once email servers of Microsoft, as well as Intel, got shut down because of this virus. This virus enclosed a Word file regarded as List.DOC as an add-on to an email that let’s enter you to porn sites. It floods the email and the harmful attachment is automatically sent to the first fifty people in your address book. So, now you can imagine how much troublesome it is. It happened as an infected Word file that was dispatched up on the Usenet cluster, appearing to be a list of the secret codes for pornographic sites. So, on the whole, it is a very dangerous virus that harms the email amenities of all.


 Computer Viruses


  • ILOVEYOU: – Though it’s quite a lovely name virus. in the year 2000 ILOVEYOU became the most dangerous and catastrophic virus of all time. This virus is so harmful that it was reflected as the most contagious malware virus of all time. But the question is how much harm it caused? And why was it so ruthless? In the year 2000, people were not aware of malware. In this virus, hackers mainly use their keyboards to hack your devices. emails that were sent in 2000 consists of this virus. People were not much technically-sound at that time. That’s why, whenever an email came to their devices they clicked on them irrespective of the fact that from whom it came. The subject line of the message was “I Love You”. By clicking on the emails, malware files were downloaded which spread like a fire in the devices and the result is that these malware files of ILOVEYOU virus damaged catastrophically to many computers. So, one should not download these types of spam emails to stay away from this virus.


  • MyDoom: – MyDoom came into the inboxes in the year 2004. It is measured as the most badass virus in the computer that has ever on the loose. It was revealed that around 16-25 per cent of the emails became affected by MyDoom in 2004. Now the question is what type of harm it causes? Why was it so cruel? MyDoom infections harmed the computer more than ILOVEYOU virus. The reason behind this is that the receiver got an email caution of sending failure and because of this the message provokes the receiver to explore more about this email. That lead to the activation of the virus. MyDoom also causes the DDos that is distributed denial of service attacks. The most profound IT companies like SCO, Google and Microsoft got hit by this virus too. Moreover, MyDoom sends spam mail with the subject line: “Andy; I’m just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry,” Now, who knows Andy? Who was he?


  • Storm Worm: – Storm Worm came into the picture in the year 2007 with a tagline‘230 dead as storm batters Europe’. It is one of the most spiteful virus. Actually, Storm worm is a Trojan horse that harms the computer and let them turn into bots, which are a net of remote computers. As because of this, junk email spread like a fire to each and every computer that has joined the net. It was revealed that up to 2007 Storm Worm was in more than 200 million emails. The basic tip to safeguard your device from harmful viruses is that never ever open emails from the unknown


  • The Anna Kournikova Virus: – This vicious computer virus was credited to a Dutch programmer named Jan de Wit in the year 2001. The Anna Kournikova Virus has been a quite interesting name just like ILOVEYOU. The virus was intended in such a manner that it prompts the recipient to open the message. The scheme behind this virus is that this message pretends like it contains the photograph of beautiful tennis player Anna Kournikova. When the receiver opens the message the triggering of the virus got started. This was one more virus that had browbeaten an users’ Microsoft Outlook email inbox.


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