ios vs android

Android vs iOs

Android and IOS, These are the two popular operating systems for smartphones in the world at the moment. So who is the king? Who is better? Which one should you choose? These are some of the questions we intend to answer in today’s article.

Long term users of the two operating systems will swear by their favorites. Well, we’ll be having the faceoff of the greatest.  it’s Android vs. IOS.  We’ll look at certain fields and see which of the OS performs better.



Android has huge spectrum of variety. There are host  of phone making companies who run on Android from Samsung to HTC, Motorola, Huawei and many others. Therefore there’s always something for everyone, both in terms of designs and affordability.

This is a place iPhone can’t equal Android in. iPhone is made by one company Apple, and every year appx.  they release three phones and that is it. For variety Android has it.

Android vs iOs


The Android OS is free, therefore all manner of companies, both big and small can leverage on that. That’s why we have low range Android phones, to mid-range and all the way to the premium range. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the Android experience.

You can get a new Android phone for less than $100. IPhones are expensive, costs in-between $500 to $1000. In some climes, it is a luxury product and only the very rich can afford it. Android snatches another win in this category.



Android devices come open to all manner of customizations. IPhones are pretty strict with theirs, of course, expect you jailbreak it, there’s not much personalization you can get from them. Android wins again on customization.




For battery power, Android devices have always come with bigger batteries which in theory should last longer right? Well, this is not the case here. IPhone batteries are smaller, no doubt; however, the system has been created in a way as to be very efficient so your smaller Apple battery will actually last as long as or even longer than your bigger Android batteries.

There’s also the issue of RAM and CPIJ, Androids always have bigger RAM and CPIJ, but iPhones have built a system of efficient on their product, that in real life performance they outperform your Androids in most performance indices, even if the Android looks better on paper. IPhone wins this category



There are two major display types for smartphones; OLED and IPS LCD. OLED is a newer technology and does more with less power, however, it is more expensive. This is the reason most phone makers opt for LCD screens, flagship phones are not exempted. The latest iPhones though now use OLED, so iPhone 8 and the iPhone X series use OLED, all the other iPhone before them used the LCD. Samsung is like the only Android Company that uses the OLED displays for their premium devices.

So if you want to enjoy the advantages of OLED screen, (they are much more than we mentioned), get a flagship Samsung or any iPhone from 8. iPhone wins here.



appsThere are cooler apps on the App store than on the Playstore. Developers seem to prefer developing for the App store because it is actually easier. They are only developing for one kind of phone, but on Android, there’s always the problem of incompatibility with certain phone brands. Developers have to deal with these issues too. Also for some reason, there’s more money to be made on the App store than on the Playstore.

Therefore the cooler apps get to IOS first, before coming to Android, which is if they ever do. Another win for iPhone



update android ios

No one likes to be outdated, but that’s exactly what happens with Android devices. The phone companies usually delay in updating their phones since they have to do some customizations and tweaks to the software for their before sending it out.

So premium priced Android gets two updates as compared with the 5 years of update an iOS device will receive. Low-end Android devices might not even get one update, while mid-range will perhaps get only one. IPhones win this round.



iPhones offer better performance, longer lasting updates, cooler apps and even better value, especially if you have to sell them later. Android phones are bigger on variety and customizations; they are cheaper so there’s something for everyone. So Android vs IOS which is better, well, it depends on what you want really and then of course what you can afford

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