Wipe data utility apps

Wipe data utility apps for mobile (Android, iOS)

We never want our confidential information to be accessible by any unauthorized person. We are well-familiar with the importance of data protection and the good news is that many apps are available today that are able to erase data completely and are compatible with different operating systems (OS).


If you have decided to sell, donate, or recycle your mobile, then stop a while, as you need to run a proper data eraser software to make sure that no information is retrievable by others.



For Android Devices:


1.Dr.fone – Erase (Paid)

This software is able to erase everything completely on Android and thus it protects the privacy of a user. It is very simple to use, you just need to perform some clicks. It can delete contacts, photos, call logs, messages along with all private data. Dr.fone is supported by all Android devices that are available in today’s market. Dr.fone is easy-to-use software. It is suited to a large number of Android device models. Software doesn’t cost much too.


2.Coolmuster (Free Trial and Paid)

Coolmuster is amazing software that performs Android data wipe procedure in an outstanding way. This software is loaded with multiple features for the user’s convenience. This amazing software can deeply clean an Android device due to its top-class deep scanning algorithm. It also supports iOS, Mac, and Windows.


3.Mobikin Android Data Eraser (Free Trial and Paid)

This incredible software can detect and scan Android devices automatically while being connected to the specific computer. It is equipped with the latest technology to delete as well as secure your confidential data in an easy click. Mobikin Android Data Eraser is capable of detecting various types of file. It can also improve the performance of your device.


For iOS Devices:


1.iMyFone Umate Pro (Free and Paid)

Wipe data utility apps It is one of the best wipe tools for all iPhone users because of its outstanding design, it also provides the facilities of privacy protection and space saving for all iOS devices. iMyFone Umate Pro is able to delete third-party private data fragments and data. It can also delete previously erased data. iMyFone Umate Pro deletes data with 100% accuracy that means there is no chance of recovery at all.


2.Safe Eraser (Free and Paid)

Wipe data utility apps It is one of the top iPhone wipe tools because it is able to erase all types of data by making use of the 4 different erasing models. Safe Eraser can erase photos, messages, videos along with all junk files in order to provide space on the particular device. It is a very user-friendly software.


3.iShredder (Paid)

Wipe data utility apps This software is an outstanding wiping tool because it provides various functionalities. It is equipped with a 3 step process of deletion along with a convenient and user-friendly interface. iShredder can erase data without the retrieval option. It is an advanced tool along with the facility of multiple erase modes.


Now, it’s just a matter of seconds to delete all of the files from your Android and iOS devices permanently and free from worries.

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