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Why You Should Keep Clearing Cookies

Cookies are small data packets that are saved in the browser cache by websites for various reasons. Websites use the cookies for accessing your browser history for getting what you may like, dislike and prefer. Websites also use cookies for personalization of data and keeping the website safe and secure. Cookies are stored in your devices as cookie.txt. This small file keeps data like How many time you have visited sites, last visit, username, Session info and other info which website wants to store locally. This is why, when you return to the same page, you are provided with details of your previous visit to the Website or you don’t need to login again and again.


Clear Cookies


Why You Should Keep Clearing Cookies in Your Browser

The cookies are not harmful or dangerous for the computer. Cookies are not spyware. They are legal. However, following are the reasons why you should keep clearing your cookies:


  1. If you do not want to store messages about your logins and passwords of different websites, you should delete cookies of your browser.
  2. Cookies store the data about your shopping history as well. You must delete the cookies to prevent others knowing about your shopping list.
  3. Cookies take up space in your computer. Cookies are very small files; however, when there are cookies saved in large quantity, they take up a lot of space and slow down the computer speed. Therefore, cookies must be deleted.
  4. Cookies save information about the users. So, this personal and financial information can be accessed by the hackers easily. This is why; the cookies must be cleared in your browser.


How to Clear Cookies in Firefox?

The steps of clearing cookies for each browser are different . We are here explaining steps of clearing cookies for two most famous and most used browsers. They are Firefox  and Chrome.


Clearing Cookies Steps for Firefox:

Using these steps you can delete all cookies from your Mozilla Firefox browser :

  • Click on Menu
  • Click on History
  • Click on Clear Recent History and a popup Box will Open
  • In this box Select time to clear cookies from and Make Sure Only Cookie Has a Check Mark Next to It from various options
  • Press Clear Now and it will remove all cookies.


If you wish to remove cookies of a selected websites in the Mozilla Firefox, the steps for doing this are given below:

  • Click on Menu or Go to Tools and Click on Options or you can just type about:preferences in Bar
  • Go to Privacy & Security (left-hand menu)
  • Scroll Down and you will Find Cookies and Site Data Menu which has three options
  • Clicking Option 1 Clear data will show a dialog box which allows you to clear all data and cookies.
  • Click on Option 2 manage data
  • It will cause a Window to popup with data about Which website is storing how much data and cookies
  • Select The website or search and select than click on Remove Selected
  • Cookies of that site are now deleted


There is one more Easy way to do this-

  • Type Website Address in the Search Bar or Scroll to find the websites you wish to manage cookies of.
  • Click on i in just left of URL bar or Green Lockbox, It will show options click on remove cookies and site data
  • Select the domains from which cookies are being stored and Remove the Cookies


Clear Cookies


How to Clear Cookies in Google Chrome?

The process of clearing cookies in Google Chrome is given below:

  • Click More (At the top right)
  • Click More Tools
  • Go to Clear Browsing Data and open it
  • Make sure Cached Data and Cookies are checked
  • click Clear them, done.

This is how cookies are cleared in Firefox and Google Chrome


At last

Cookies are not dangerous for your computer or your device. However, you may choose to delete them if you use shared computers or dont want to risk others sites to gather unneeded info. Cookies can be deleted in Firefox and Google by above mentioned steps, others mostly follow the same.

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