Viruses You Need to Watch Out in H2 2019

Virus is a malicious program that is used to hijack/manipulate the computer system of another user without user’s consent and knowledge. Hackers/malicious entities install a virus in user’s computer to steal data or for alterior motives. Such entities  enter another user’s computer, steal their data, personal information and other valuable details and also may demand money in ransom to relinquish control of their device.


Well in this regard , Here are 5 viruses you need to watch out in H2 2019:


  • BOrOntOk Ransomware:

BOrOntOk Ransomware is a type of virus injected in a user’s computer, locking it and preventing user from performing any action in computer. BOrOntOk Ransomware attacker extorts thousands of dollars from users. Ransomware is a powerful hacking tool. Unless you release the amount, your system remains useless and purposeless.This virus tool must be watched out in H2 2019.



  • Astaroth Trojan:

Astaroth Trojan is a type of a virus that steals username, passwords and other information by attacking the antivirus tool of the computer system. Astaroth Trojan was born in 2017, and it has targeted over 8000 systems since then. Its popularity is growing with the passage of time. This computer spreads through encrypted files, .7zip files and file attachments.


This is a type of a Phishing Attack. Phishing attacks are done on the websites or bank accounts users use the most. Bank Accounts are the trusted sources. You are mailed by attackers in the name of trusted sources, during or before the transactions. If you happen to follow their instructions, you lose the money and attackers become successful in their plot. This is a very dangerous virus; one has to watch out for the phishing attacks in H2 2019.



  • Kuik Adware:

Kuik Adware is listed as the top computer virus that is in the form of malware and adware. It enters computer through legitimate modules, which are flash player, .exe file named ‘upp.exe’ and certificate. It masks itself by acting as an Adobe Flash Player. Once it starts infecting the system, it adds DNS in the system, and for sending the collected personal information. It disables computer from working.



  • Zeus Panda / Trojan Panda Banker

It’s a malware that enters your system for stealing the banking information and credentials of the user’s bank accounts. This is distributed in the exploit kits, for instance Neutrino exploit kit, Nuclear exploit kit and Ngler exploit kit.




  • Viruses that attack IoT Devices

IoT devices are becoming popular, and their use is gaining momentum. But these devices can be hacked very easily. Passwords and usernames can be stolen. Since 2017, 32.7 million IoT devices have been attacked. These are a form of botnets and DDoS attacks. IoT networks become compromised. These attacks are increasing, and must be watched out in later part of 2019.




 These 5 viruses are to be watched out for in later part of 2019. Preventive measures must be taken against such malicious software. Install a good antivirus , keep it updated and don’t open unknown files.

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