Secure Your Data In Social Media

How To Secure Your Data In Social Media

Nowadays, life without social media is difficult to imagine. The abundance of lots of websites streamlined the way of living a lot. However, convenience comes with risks. These websites act as a repository of loads of information. Hence, there is a risk of identity/info theft.


So, what will you do? Use the following tips and strengthen the security of your social media accounts. However, you must maintain basic privacy of whatever you are posting or sharing on your accounts. Remember, it is all about a virtual world so it is better to ensure security and privacy as much as possible.


Secure Your Data In Social Media


Tips To Secure Your Data In Social Media


1.Take Help Of A Password Manager:

The password is the key to your profile. Hence, you must always use a strong, complicated password, which is hard to guess. Choose a combination of uppercase & lowercase along with special characters.


Moreover, it is a good practice to change the password every month. However, keeping track of all passwords may difficult sometimes. Therefore, you can start using a password manager.


2.Two-Factor Authentication Is Essential:

You must add an additional layer of protection to your social media accounts by incorporating two-factor authentication. Whenever an attacker would try to log into an account from a different location, web browser, or device, two-way authentication will send you a password.


Two-Factor Authentication Is Essential


Without entering it, no one could log into your account. Some people can perceive it as time-consuming. However, it is a must in the age of severe security threats.


3.Be Cautious Of Sharing Information:

Do not share personal information on social media websites. You should check your profile and find out if there is any information that can be misused. Delete it immediately.


4.Use A Virtual Private Network (VPN):

Do you want to maintain security for your calls, conversations, or messages? Then, you can opt for a top-class VPN service.


VPN is an amazing encryption tool that helps to safeguard user’s communication. Under the VPN setting, all the communications between the websites as well as the respective VPN service provider pass through a protected channel.


Use A Virtual Private Network (VPN):


5.Stay Safe From Fake Accounts:

You would never know who is actually there behind the disguise of a display picture. Hence, it is better to verify a person (if you do not know him/her in person) before accepting the friend requests.


The virtual world is full of fake profiles and it might be a hacker, who wants to keep track of your activities by pretending to be an innocent profile.


6.Give A Daily Check-Up To Your Mailbox:

If you want to be extra conscious about your social media privacy and protection, you must check your mailbox daily. Otherwise, you might miss a notification about the login attempts by a hacker of your profile.


7.Delete Your Data/Account:

Perhaps you have accounts on multiple social media websites, right? If you think you are inactive in one or some of them for a long time, you can delete your account. You just need to carry out the guidelines of the respective websites. Moreover, you can also delete some of your data if you think they are no longer important in your profile.


  Wrapping Up

Now, you are familiar with the tips of safeguarding data on social media platforms. You should also log out of your account whenever it is not in use. Moreover, you should always use antivirus and an updated browser in your system.


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