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In present time it is very natural that majority of us has at least one free email accounts on popular platforms that date back to many years like Google or Yahoo, as these accounts are convenient and very easy to use. But when it comes to security/Privacy, these email accounts don’t offer much. Many people do not feel any serious need for tight security of their emails, as they do not understand the value of keeping email secure. The only people who focus on the importance of email safety are the one’s who have been victims of Scamming, Phishing and other email related frauds and thefts.


Email providers


The number of such incidents has increased enormously in the past few years, which makes you wonder about the level of security these email providers are giving to you. There are some serious questions that are being raised by many users. If you are looking for secure email providers, we have put together a list of some of the most secure email platforms that take your privacy seriously.


The most secure email providers offer features that ensure total online privacy. Here are some of the top tools to secure your email:


  1. Proton Mail:

Email providers

ProtonMail is one of the most preferred options on the list as it is the most secure known platform and also is completely free (upto 500 mb). Proton mail provides encrypted emailing services; which makes it almost impossible to intercept. Their servers are located in Switzerland making it free from government surveillance.


It has Apps for IOS and Android operating systems , but you can always use it in old style with any browser , the most important feature of this service that is highlighted by most developers is the encryption system of the service. Even if someone gets hold of your emails, they will still not be able to decrypt and read the content of your email.


The other attractive feature of this service is that the service providers do not keep any history or track of your IP address, this means that emails cannot be tracked back to any user. Proton Mail is so secure that if you forgot your password then there is literally no other way to recover your emails. The free version is giving 500MB of storage.


  1. Hush mail:

Email providers

This aptly named service was first launched in the year 1999. This is another highly secure platform that provides encrypted emailing service. Their encryption is so advanced that Hushmail itself cannot read your emails making you the only one with access to your emails. This platform allows you to send emails to users of other email providers too, all while keeping your emails still encrypted.


This web, mobile and desktop-based email service is easy to use and interactive, and App is also available for IOS.


When creating a new account it gives you the option of addresses to choose from, those options are: @hushmail,,,, and

They offer free and premium packages and come with a 10GB of secure storage space.


  1. Tutanota:

Email providers

Tutanota is a completely open-source email service that offers end-to-end encryption of emails. This service is very similar to Proton-mail in terms of security level and designing graphics. All emails of Tutanota are encrypted between sending and receiving party and all emails are decrypted on the device. If both parties are on Tutanota then emails will automatically be encrypted but if you want to send email to other platform users then you have a feature here that lets you set a password and the recipient must produce that same password to access the email. The recipient will not be able to view the subject, attachment or the message without the password.


This service is also available as app on Android and IOS, the representation of webpage is also friendly and easy to understand.


4. CounterMail:

countermail CounterMail is another high-security email provider that offers many unique features. It works on OpenPGP encryption and provides excellent data protection. This Sweden based service provider uses a uses a CD-ROM based system to store data to prevent data hackers from accessing the emails. Additionally, it provides a secure USB key option where users have to insert a USB key into the USB ports before they can access their email accounts. However, this email service is not free of cost and standard charges apply for the service usage. It provide a 1 week trial to understand quality of service


5. Mailfence

Mailfenmailfencece is one of the good secure email providers that offers end-to-end encryption and also includes two-factor authentication to add in another layer of security. Mailfence uses OpenPGP public key encryption to provide encryption on all incoming and outgoing data. This Belgium based secure email platform prevents any unwanted ads appearing in your mailbox. The free package comes with a 500MB of storage space, which increases up to 20GBs with the Pro packages.



6. SCRYPTmail:

scrypt mailSCRYPTmail is a leading secure mail provider that offers high-level encryption as it encrypts metadata too, ensuring security in case of a likely data breach. Founded by a group of people in the USA who respect email privacy, this service stands out as it uses “Front-end encryption”, meaning it delivers only encrypted emails and never sends clear messages over the network. This platform offers generous storage space and almost all its services are free of cost.



With a growing number of online threats and spying, the need for a secure email platform is in a high demand. If you want to protect yourself from hackers and safeguard your personal information, you might want to switch to/ upgrade to one of these secure-email services.

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