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Privacy is very important, no matter it is physical privacy or virtual privacy. Constant snooping and spying over you is done by Institutions, Corporations and marketers, which can go to any level to make some money, you need legal protection for your privacy in these cases, Well to make your troubles less we have listed top 5 privacy supportive countries with strong privacy laws below:

 data protection in privacy supportive countries


  1. Iceland:

Iceland is the most progressive country. Strong privacy laws were enacted in Data Protection Act by Iceland in 2000. It implements laws according to which ISPs, journalists’ sources and data, common citizen’s details etc. cannot be shared with other countries. These strong privacy laws ensure the protection of data of users online.


  1. Argentina:

Strong privacy laws protect personal data of a person, which also require website to ask permission of the user for using cookies which websites use for analytics. Argentina has implemented Argentina’s Personal Data Protection Act 2000. According to this act, any person or legal entities cannot make use personal data of a person without prior permission.


  1. Netherlands:

The Dutch are very supportive of privacy laws. Netherlands has vouched greatly for personal data protection so much so that it has put a fine of 418 Million if Google keeps on violating the personal data of users in Netherlands. According to Personal Information Data Act of Netherlands, if a company wants to collect personal data of a user, it must inform Dutch Data Protection Authority in advance.  Personal data cannot be shared with other countries.




  1. Romania:

Romania also supports privacy laws strongly. It has National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing (NSAPSP) which regulates privacy laws, and puts up fine of $13000 if a company or person does not comply with rules. No data can be shared with other countries without permission of NSAPSP.


  1. Switzerland:

Switzerland, the neutral state, is the best place for users or companies who want strong privacy laws. The Swiss Constitution has sections which enact privacy laws as a law, and protects personal data of user in its federal laws.  The Federal Data Protection Act and Data Protection Ordinance of Switzerland protect identifying and personal data of user. Switzerland is a great supporter of strong privacy laws. Only drawback for Switzerland is that it has an agreement with United States, otherwise it a safe haven of privacy laws.



Your personal data and sensitive information is at lower protection if you are not living in any of the above countries, However with enactment of GDPR now whole europe is also better covered for privacy protection.More such legal measures are the need of the day.

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