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Privacy Friendly Search Engines

Today we are living in the age of science and technology where internet addiction is getting intense and with growth of this era the importance of search engines is also increasing. Nowadays, search engines play important role in everyone’s life, when we type any query into Google, which is world’s extensively used search engine, our search information is recorded over. Google records the IP address and makes use of tracking cookies for creating user’s digital profile, keywords, time of their query together with the links that they select, and then accumulates such data in database, which is eventually used by Google to target its user’s for marketing and advertizing purposes.


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This ultimately leads to destruction of our privacy, and surmounts to privacy violation on the internet.  Whenever we write a query, we disclose an incredible quantity of personal data that is highly useful to the institutions, marketers, criminals and to all those who wish to use our personal information for their own benefit.

There are various alternatives to Google that respect user’s privacy and are present for quite long.

Our confidentiality in terms of data and information really matters, Here are few platforms that respect user privacy:


  1. StartPage:

start page search engineStartPage works with the credence that everyone has a “right to privacy”, and doesn’t records IP address of users or doesn’t tracks user’s history like what they have searched. Those users who choose StartPage as their search engine can stay away from the strain of data disclosure into the wrong hands.



  1. DuckDuckGo:

duck duck go search engineIt is one of those go-to search engines that are made for privacy-oriented users.  It does not log data of users; hence, it has turned to be a popular engine for those who tends to browse anonymously. Also, if numerous searches came from one PC then DuckDuckGo has no way to know because it doesn’t create an identifier for identifying any unique operator.



  1. Qrobe: search engineQrobe integrates search outputs from Bing, Ask and Google in a single user interface, and delivers the appropriate results to the user. When users type keywords into Qrobe, the existing search engine results get leverage and generate impartial results.



  1. Qwant:

qwant search engineCertainly, Qwant is amongst inspired privacy-backed search engines that respect individual’s privacy, ensuring user’s digital freedom and neutrality while they search something over the internet. Qwant is one of the best alternatives to Google as it figures all our social feeds, web resources, pictures on the topic we are looking for and latest news.



  1. Swisscows:

swisscows search engineWe can simply understand the “privacy practices of Swisscows” by its tagline that says, Family friendly, No tracking, No data keeping. Swisscows uses Bing for delivering the search outputs according to user’s query. When user’s look for something, on the left bar they will notice a Tag Cloud, which is helpful if they wish to know regarding relevant key facts and terms. The design language is quite simple and users are allowed to screen out the results by date and time, but that is all about it. No more cutting-edge options for tweaking their search results. In order to fetch the desirable results against any query, it uses a tile searching method, which is a semantic expertise. This engine highly operates in accordance with ethical backgrounds.


Despite the fact, search engines and internet are relatively the growing innovations of recent times, no genuine legal model for protecting privacy regarding search engines has been put into use. Nonetheless, researches do write for the inferences of available legal rules on privacy generally for informing that “what rights to privacy” search engine users possess. In the field of law, this case is developing so addressing these privacy concerns has been a rising question.


While at current stage if you want to keep your searches private, you can simply use any one of the search engines named above and save the hassle.

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