Secure file sharing

How To Securely Share Files For Businesses

Whether you are an employee or business owner, receiving and sharing files must be an integral part of your day-to-day activities. However, file sharing without ensuring safety measures can introduce many threats. It includes compromising of confidential data and susceptibility to cyber-attacks. Even malicious software can also get installed in the system.


Secure File Sharing

Secure file sharing is a practice to share files by safeguarding them from cyber threats. These safe practices also ensure only authorized accesses for which the file owner has granted permission.


Cloud storage services are a sophisticated means to ensure secure file sharing. These services include file encryption, permission-oriented access, keep tracking of suspicious login activities, file encryption, two-factor authentication, virus scanning, ransomware recognition, protected-protected access, and so on.



How Can You Share Files Securely?

Small businesses experience cyberattacks 58% of the total cases. Hence, ensuring the safety of files and data is extremely crucial. The following techniques can help to add an extra layer of security to protect your sensitive files:


Access Permission:

Are you about to transfer a sensitive file? Then, you can set the audience (s), who could access it. The convenience of file access permission lets you decide who can view the sent file.


Moreover, you can also set permission for who can comment, re-share, or edit the file. It is possible to restrict access to one specific individual, a group of people, an organization’s employees, or any person, as per the requirements.


Take The Help of Expiring Links:

Did you know expiring links invalidate access following a specific period? Use this convenience and you can allow your file recipients to access the confidential document (that you sent) for a specific period. After that, the access time would be expired.


Ensure To Set A Complicated Password:

Passwords play the role of the first line of defense. Thus, you can keep any sort of unauthorized access at bay.



Ensuring a secure file sharing needs you to send only password-protected files. The password needs to be known by only you and the intended recipient.


All-Round Data Encryption:

Are you thinking about data encryption to ensure file sharing security? Nevertheless, many encryption methodologies do not provide comprehensive protection throughout sharing, storing, downloading, and uploading confidential files.


Hence, the solution to this security deficiency is AES-256 encryption that must be provided by your cloud file sharing solution. It ensures all-round security while transferring and storing of sensitive information. Rest assured that your data won’t get revealed in decrypted format, even for a moment.


Make Use Of Two-Factor Authentication:

Two-factor authentication needs the file recipient to enter the password and the OTP (one-time password) or OTC (one-time code) received via a text message. It strengthens the file security and prevents unauthorized access.


Make Use Of Two-Factor Authentication


Opt For A Correct Cloud Storage Service:

It is not always possible to know how the data centers of a cloud storage service ensure protection. You cannot predict whether it provides comprehensive encryption to your data or who is going to access your confidential data.


Hence, you must ensure whether a cloud storage service offers specialized security measures, updated cryptography, administrative controls, and easy-to-use tools. Thus, you can make sure to safeguard your confidential business data and control file sharing via the cloud.


Cloud Storage Service


Functionality & Performance:

Your file storage & sharing method must contain comprehensive, collaborative functions along with high-speed, trustworthy performance. Thus, you can ensure your clients and employees to store, download, upload, or send files securely and easily.


Some solutions come with encrypted messaging solutions with strong protection. Thus, you can send text messages and attachments security. It also comes with the provision of encrypted email in a safe collaboration tool.


Do you want to have complete control over file sharing? Then, you can run and handle file sharing on your private servers.


Leverage the power of public key cryptography to make it impossible for attackers to access critical files in case the login credentials are compromised.


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