How not to be tracked surfing online-Basic Steps

How not to be tracked surfing online-Basic Steps

It’s hard to keep your personal data safe on the internet but there are a few steps you can follow that will make it safe. For this, you need not be a tech expert.


Here are some basic steps by which you can stop companies from tracking you.


  • R­­­­ead Information Carefully

Carefully read all the information related to service agreements terms especially of financial websites. Use different search engines those doesn’t track you and keeps your searches private such as Start Page or DuckDuckgo. Incognito setting and other privacy settings of browsers are not always effective.


How not to be tracked surfing online-Basic Steps


  • Use Browsers Add-on

Use browsers add-on service as like Privacy fix or Ghostery. These add-on provides services to see who is monitoring or tracking you on any particular website. With the help of these tools, you can manage to avoid being tracked. Tools which encrypt your connection are also very useful such as Tor and CyberGhost VPN. These tools route your browsing data with servers throughout the globe as Superheroes in the movies route their phone calls to avoid being traced. Use these tools in case you are surfing the internet through public Wi-Fi.


  • Manage settings

Before downloading any mobile phone app, read all the terms of the agreement. Some of them track your GPS location and some uploads all phone contacts. Manage your facebook settings for Privacy so that no external user can see your personal data such as pictures or your personal posts.


  • Keep different email ids and different password

Keep different email ids for different things as like one for your work, one for personal purpose and one for online shopping. This will make it tough for companies to track your personal details. There is a device named as email cloaking, you can use this device. Keep different passwords for different websites. By surfing websites on daily basis, lots of websites know your username and keep your actions logged.


  • Clean Cookies and history from time to time

Make it your habit to clean cookies and caches from your system. As some companies will keep tracking you for months if you will not clear your cache as well as your cookies from the system. Use service which will help you to remove data from data brokers like Catalog Choice and DeleteMe. They have a minimal fee charge but they will help you in your effort.


Don’t remain logged in all day on your social profiles, as it is very easy to trace someone if they will stay logged in all day. It will be easy for social media companies to know your interests more because they know whatever you are doing. After logging-off, they will not be able to track you.


  • Download Data from trusted sources

Never download software’s or use any links from non-official websites. For example, if you want to download Avast anti-virus then download it from the official website of Avast.


  • Never surf the web through Proxy

If you do same, then you are allowing a stranger to save all your data that you are receiving and sending through his proxy. So, if you are carefree, he or she can unlock encryption provided by the Protocol used by you.


These are some basic steps to keep your browsing secure. By following these steps you can keep yourself safe from not tracking online.

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