How not to be tracked surfing online

How not to be tracked surfing online-Advanced Steps

Have you ever gone to a website or search for something online and all the sudden you are seeing that particular thing appears everywhere in ads? You may be shopping for curtains or cars or anything. Whenever you search for anything in a search engine, this information is stored. Well, it’s not surprising for many of you that you are being tracked online. So a lot of these services track you when you search for things or share things. Typically it is all about marketing or collecting data to be sold to someone else, which you may not like many times.


Here are some tips to prevent tracking in an advanced way.


1.GHOSTERY extension- For Web Users

The first thing you can do is download a browser extension called GHOSTERY. When you go to a website, it will show you all the trackers that are tracking you. Then you can go to and click on those icons and check the dropdown which stops these trackers from tracking you. It’s very straightforward and very simple to use.


2.For I-Phone Users

In your I-Phone, go to settings click privacy; scroll the bar to see advertising and then Turn ON the Limit Ad Tracking option. Make sure it is ON. You can also tap the Reset Advertising Identifier. There is a unique number associated with your device and you by resetting, change it and so all of your past actions will no longer be associated with your future actions. By turning on limit Ad tracking option, Apple says, companies are not able to serve you targeted ads.

How not to be tracked surfing online


3.Do Not Track Plus Plugin

This plug-in works in almost all main web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


Use these steps to add this Add-on


  • Go to Tools option of Firefox and choose Add-ons.



  • In the Add-ons Manager, choose the GET ADD-ONS tabs and search for DO NOT TRACK PLUS.
  • In the ADD-ONS that come up choose the DO NOT TRACK PLUS add-on and click on INSTALL.



  • In the Pop-up window click on ACCEPT and INSTALL.
  • It will start downloading the add-on. When it finishes click on RESTART NOW button.
  • Once your browser restarts you will notice the Do Not Track Plus icon on the top corner of your browser.
  • You will also be redirected to the creator’s website. There they will show you a video on how this add-on works.


4.Use VPN service

VPN is short form of Virtual Private Network. Think of your home network or office network as private networks. By a VPN connection, your computer, tablet or smartphone is able to securely connect to the internet. In the earlier days, VPN was used by corporate employees to access their offices remotely when they needed to assess sensitive information in a secure way. VPN helps people to connect with the whole world in a secure way. VPN allows you to have connection encrypted and secure, to become anonymous online, to keep your browsing safe from hackers.


5.With TOR setup-Became 100% Anonymous

If you are looking to surf web anonymously than the TOR browser also known as onion browser is one of the best browser recommended worldwide. In a normal internet connection, you are connected directly to the internet. In this way, anyone can have an eye on your browsing history but if you want to keep yourself safe and secure then TOR browser is just for you.


First, you need to have TOR browser installed in your computer. Once TOR browser is installed, open the browser. The first thing now browser does is to check for updates. If any updates are available, download it and then browse. Also, make sure that your script blocker is fully enabled so scripts will be blocked on all websites. Make sure everything on your system is updated.


Let’s go to some other options of TOR


    • For searching disable everything except DuckDuckgo.
    • Content popup should be blocked by default which is perfect under privacy.
    • In security, all settings should be kept as default. Never sync any other account with TOR browser.
    • And the very last setting which is in advanced option under update is to automatically install TOR updates so that you always use an updated version of TOR browser.
    • Do not save any bookmarks, it is also recommended not to fully maximize the TOR browser while using. Just resize it to fill the majority of your screen.
    • Last but not the least, one very controversial area with TOR is whether or not combine a VPN with TOR connection. It is recommended to use both connections separately not simultaneously as both are somewhat the same but their working is different, but both can also be used simultaneously.


6.Use encryption/HTTPS as much as you can

By using encryption/HTTPS, you can make sure that only you and the main remote server have the right to understand what you sent and what you received. Avoid plain HTTP, IMAP and POP.

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