Data Breach

What Is Data Breach And How to Prevent It

Being an Internet-savvy is not enough at this date, with internet you need to be more secure as now dangers of hackers, crackers, breachers, malware looms rampant. Hence you must have basic ideas on online threats and preventive measures. Proper knowledge will help you to safeguard your online journey and save from threats online. One such major threat is data breach.


Let’s start the discussion with what a data breach is and then we’ll proceed to its prevention strategies.


Introduction To Data Breach

A data breach is an unauthorized data access by any culprit/program. It can harm businesses, their customers and individuals in various ways. Sometimes, the extent of damage can be so severe that the reputation of a business/person can be at stake.


You must have already read about a lot of data breach incidents before. But, is it really surprising? No, it’s not! Technology is advancing at a faster pace and most of the sensitive information pieces are now exchanged in digital mediums and it gives rise to cyberattacks, resulting in severe loss of resources and reputation.


Data Breach


But, there is no denying that digitally exchange of data has streamlined our lives a lot. Do you know a data breach averagely costs a company $3.86 million? And it’s a global calculation.


The key takeaway here is that you must take proper precautions to safeguard your confidential information.


Two Major Types of Data Breaches

Now, when you know how devastating the post-data breach situation can be, it’s time for you to get familiarize with two different types of data breaches.


Outdated System:

Outdated software can let cybercriminals sneak into your system. It’s followed by insertion of malware into the computer and accessing sensitive data pieces.


Drive-by Downloads:

Don’t take any chance by downloading anything from unreliable sources. Otherwise, you could end up by welcoming a virus to your system. It could even lead you to some dangerous website. This data breach can occur when the operating system or browser is not properly updated or has some security loopholes.


Data Breach


Some Preventive Measures of Data Breach

Use Hard-To-Guess Passwords:

It’s essential for you to use complicated passwords every time in all of your digital accounts. Don’t forget to update them periodically. You can also make use of a reliable password manager system to handle the password management task.


Monitor Your Financial Accounts Daily:

It’s become necessary to check all of your financial accounts regularly. Thus, you can easily keep track if any discrepancies happened. That means you can limit damages (if any) and save yourself from an irrevocable situation.


Take Instant Actions:

If you have already fallen in a trap of cybercriminals, you must not waste time. Take immediate action to limit the severity of the situation. Contact the respective financial organization and let them aware of the whole incident. Thus, you can save yourself from a major loss in terms of resources and reputation.


Don’t Forget Your Phone:

Don’t think data breaches can happen only in computer systems. But, mobile phones are often susceptible to unauthorized access, as they can be easily stolen if not properly secured. It’s mandatory to set a strong password and refrain yourself to leave your phone alone.


Browse Only Secure URL:

Always browse URLs starting with “https://” and it’s especially essential when you are supposed to provide your sensitive information.


Its hoped that you are now clear with the concept of the data breach and will take enough preventive measures to safeguard your confidential information as is it of much importance for everyone.

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