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Apps to Avoid Intrusion in Mobile Privacy

In this Tech era, we have witnessed some good mobile devices, featured with fabulous functionalities. However, in spite of good efforts by developers, Android devices remains insecure. If you are worried about security  of your mobile device, then you can remove security risks (thus your worries) by focusing on what you are downloading. Remember, you should only install apps from the official Google Play Store or official sites.


Ranges of apps are also available that you can utilize to maintain the safety of your Android device and to hide your web traffic. Let’s talk about the seven popular apps from which you can pick appropriate ones, as per your requirements.


Mobile Privacy

App Ops (Free App Permission Manager)

It is one of the best Android App, enabling users to restrict permissions to independent apps. Through the help of this particular App, you can block unneeded app permissions of certain apps that are not related to the key functions of the particular apps. This particular app is available at free of cost in Google Play Store.


CM Security

Mobile Privacy CM Security is a top-class app that is loaded with various features and one of such features is AppLock. This particular feature is able to lock any app behind a pattern lock, your fingerprint or a PIN. Just like most of the other app-lock features, it makes recommendations for apps that you might like to lock. This particular feature is very helpful for a person, who has lots of apps installed on his/her device.


Crypt4All Lite (AES) (Free File Encryption Software)

Mobile Privacy It is another well-known app for encryption of mobile devices. It is for the purpose of encryption and decryption of files with 256 bit AES algorithm that is called AES Crypt version 2. This particular app is used to encrypt sensitive files prior to moving such data to online cloud services and storing those encrypted files on the respective Android smartphones.


AppLock (Free Application Lock Utility)

This particular app is used in providing protection to personal data so that they can’t get accessed by an unauthorized user. By using this useful app, you can place a lock on your Contacts, SMS, Settings, Gmail, Gallery, Calls, Facebook along with various other apps that you want to protect from intruders.



It is a free as well as an open source password manager that is very helpful in managing user’s passwords in a secure manner. Users can write all of their passwords in a single database that will be locked with a key file or one master key. That means users need to remember one and only master password to unlock the complete database. Such databases are encrypted through the utilization of the most secure and the best encryption algorithms of present-day (Twofish and AES).

Orbot: Proxy with Tor (Free Privacy as well as Online Anonymity)

It is also a popular mobile app that enables users to access email, internet as well as instant messaging without worry of getting blocked or being monitored. Orbot has brought features and functionalities of Tor straightforwardly to the Android OS. Tor is a free and open source software project that is helpful in defending against network surveillance.


Kyms stands for ‘keep your media safe.’ This particular useful app disguises itself in terms of a normal calculator. Through its useful encrypted vault, you can even store videos and text images. Kyms holds a built-in web browser and it is able to download online videos directly into the vault.



 Now, you can pick appropriate apps for your device.

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